Terrestris to support Oregon National Guard CERFP Exercise

Terrestris, LLC is pleased to announce its most recent contract award. Beginning March 7, 2021, Terrestris will be supporting the Structure Collapse Venue Site (SCVS) of the Oregon National Guard in their mission to provide regional training and exercises for enhanced domestic contingency preparedness exercises and evaluations of the Oregon National Guard Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Enhanced Response Force Package. 

Terrestris will be providing Program Management for all role players, exercise reset, life support and Incident Management Team Subject Matter Expert (SME) support. Support includes all the personnel, equipment, tools, materials, supervision, and quality control required to generate realistic scenarios for mass casualty events.

Terrestris will provide SMEs to act as Incident Commander, Safety Officer, Logistics Officer, Operations Officer for the exercise. These SMEs will help simulate the real-world interactions of civilian Incident management assets and National guard personnel. Additionally, they will provide guidance to the exercise control group on Incident Management, Operations, Logistics and Safety.

Terrestris will also support the exercise with 45 Role Players and Role Player Life Support. The training event will occur regardless of weather, so Terrestris’ logistics team has prepared a flexible, mobile support package to provide shelter and workspace for moulage operations and a comfortable break area for role players, including water, heating/cooling based on weather conditions, power and other equipment to ensure the safety and comfort of role players.

Terrestris will provide exercise scenario specific moulage (simulated injuries) for casualty role players with various medical issues including Multiple Compression Wounds, Geriatrics, Trauma, Chest Pain, Crush, Burn, Hot/Cold, and Panic (mental other), Chemical, PTSD, Pediatrics — Ambulatory and Non-Ambulatory. As well as weighted mannequins with simulated injuries.

Terrestris will also provide health and safety support including safety planning and two fully staffed advanced life support ambulances.

Terrestris’ CEO, Alex Horti said “Terrestris is committed to supporting the development of our national capabilities to respond to disasters, both natural and man-made. These type of regional training and exercise activities are essential for enhancing our domestic contingency readiness, we are excited at this opportunity to grow our partnership with the Oregon National Guard.”

With Partners Yellow Bridge and Hager Development Group, Terrestris will be helping the Oregon National Guard to simulate realistic conditions encountered by National Guard responders in a natural disaster or domestic terrorism event. The provision of role players, SMEs and the accompanying equipment and life support will enhance this domestic contingency preparedness exercise and facilitate the evaluation of the CBRN Enhanced Response Force Package (CERFP), and other CBRN response capabilities.