Civilians on the Battlefield

Terrestris, LLC is pleased to announce its most recent contract award. Beginning February 27, 2021, Terrestris will be supporting the 249 Regiment, Regional Training Institute (RTI) of the Oregon National Guard in their mission to develop the abilities of Infantry through the Advanced Leadership Course (ALC), Infantry Transition Course (ITC), and Infantry Military Occupational Specialty Transition Course (MOS-T).

Terrestris will be providing field training exercise (FTX) support. Support includes all the personnel, equipment, tools, materials, supervision, and quality control required to generate realistic scenarios. Terrestris will emulate enemy forces, non-combat of civilians, and regular, irregular, or criminal forces. These exercises which prepare Soldiers to be flexible and, creative, and to evaluate real and potential threats in timely a manner.

Terrestris’ CEO, Alex Horti said “As a veteran, I know how important these exercises are to the readiness of our forces, and we at Terrestris are honored to have the opportunity to help our Soldiers prepare safely at home for future missions, across the country and around the world.”

Terrestris will be helping students learn and adapt to the human dimension of the next battlefield, developing adaptive and flexible leaders capable of operating globally under a wide range of culturally diverse environments.