Our ability to manage projects and programs through a people-first perspective has equipped us to build high performing teams that deliver real results, every time.

Human Capital

Terrestris offers a full suite of superior human capital support services. Our team has over 40 years of cumulative experience providing Talent Acquisition and Management to a broad range of government and commercial clients. An organization is only as strong as the people behind it; our people-first perspective has equipped us to build high-performing teams that deliver real results, every time. Our team of certified human capital professionals possess deep knowledge of industry regulations, trends, and best practices including the latest technology to optimize human performance.

Our team of dedicated experts, collaboratively in consultation with clients, provides a wide array of Human Resources Support Services including:

  • Workforce Analysis & Development
    • Job Description Development
    • Position Classification
    • Leadership Development
  • Talent Acquisition
    • Staffing/Temporary Employment Services
    • Executive Searches
  • Employment Branding
    • Marketing
    • Videography/Content Production
  • Human Factors Support
    • Human Performance
    • Accessions
    • Selection
  • Personnel Management & Administration
    • Payroll Services
    • Employee Engagement
    • Policy Development
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Initiatives

Training & Development

Terrestris develops dynamic instructional content and training for any mode of delivery including eLearning, computer-based training, Instructor Led Training (ILT), virtual Instructor Led Training (vILT), and other student-centered active learning experiences. Our experienced instructional designers apply the ADDIE model to develop learning content that is engaging and supports positive learning outcomes. We apply research-based best practices for adult learning utilizing a variety of learning tools; visual and aesthetic optimization; and positive, proactive, and respectful classroom management.

Our team also provides effective and responsive training and exercise supports. We deliver relevant and accurate training and scenario-based exercises that strengthen our clients’ operations.

Our team of dedicated experts, collaboratively in consultation with clients, provides a wide array of Training & Development Services including:

  • Instructor Support
    • Role Player and Exercise Logistics Support
    • Classroom Training (Virtual and In-Person)
  • Instructional Design Services
    • Adaptive Learning
    • Exercise & Scenario Development
    • Learning Content Development
    • Assessments & Exercises
    • Modeling & Simulation
    • Augmented & Virtual Reality Learning Solutions
  • Psychometric Analysis
  • eLearning Platforms Design, Development, & Administration
    • Learning Management Systems
    • Learning Record Stores
    • Content Delivery Systems
    • Section 508 Compliance
    • Knowledge Management Systems

Technology services

Digital transformation can elevate every facet of an organization, and Terrestris stands ready to bolster these efforts. Terrestris has the capacity and experience to build teams of IT Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) that deliver world-class expertise, experience, and innovative thinking. Our project and program managers employ PMI, PMP best practices augmented with a wide variety of technology development methodologies including Agile/ SAFe®, Six Sigma, and Waterfall methodologies and tools to produce superior results and efficiently satisfy business or enterprise requirements. Our team of experts deliver on end-to-end technology solutions from Tier 1 user support to network architecture and advanced software development to systems integration, leading to increased connectivity of crucial missions.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology resources, Terrestris helps empower government agencies with tools that support mission optimization. Terrestris combines first-rate program management with certified technology SMEs and data experts to help organizations design and implement secure integrated systems with customizable dashboards and interoperable data.

Our team of dedicated experts, collaboratively in consultation with clients, provides a wide array of Technology Services including:

  • Helpdesk Support
  • IT Management
  • Network Engineering & Administration
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) / Cloud Hosting
  • Data Management & Analysis
  • Systems Integration
  • eLearning Platforms Design, Development, & Administration


Our team provides support to public sector organizations in their day-to-day operations, supporting program administration, logistics, marketing, communications, and call center management. Our operations specialists enable efficiency gains that free clients to focus on their core mission without sacrificing quality.

We also help organizations reach peak performance through the thorough analysis of business processes and workforces. Terrestris takes a holistic approach to optimization, examining both the human and business aspects of organizational structures and making recommendations that improve productivity and overall mission success.

We complement these recommendations with Change Management services that enable smooth transitions. Change is inherently disruptive, but our experts can help minimize the negative impacts by preparing the organization for change, ensuring clear communications, and supporting the sustainment of new and desirable behaviors and methodologies.

Our team of dedicated experts, collaboratively in consultation with clients, provides a wide array of Operations & Logistics Services including:

  • Program Administration
  • Logistics Support
  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Call Center Management
  • Emergency Response & Capacity Building
  • Organizational Performance Improvement
  • Analytics, Benchmarking, & Metrics
  • Organizational Development
  • Program Evaluation Services
  • Business Process Engineering (BPE) / Redesign
  • Workforce Analysis
  • Change Management
  • Communication Plans