Terrestris Provides Critical Support for WVNG Ridge Runner Irregular Warfare Exercise

Kingwood, WV, April 25, 2024 – Terrestris, a leading provider of specialized support services, is proud to announce its recent support for the West Virginia National Guard (WVNG) Ridge Runner Irregular Warfare Exercise (IWX). This exercise, integral to the readiness enhancement of National Guard Special Operations Forces (NG SOF), underscores Terrestris’ dedication to fostering realistic and dynamic training environments.

The Ridge Runner IWX, part of the National Guard SOF Enterprise Strategy, serves as a crucial component in preparing SOF elements for the complexities of irregular warfare operations. Recognizing the significance of this endeavor, Terrestris is honored to contribute its expertise in managing contractor role players, OPFOR, and scenario guerilla fighters. Terrestris provided all the personnel, transportation, field sustainment, logistics and exercise atmospherics to support the training environment. The exercise required flexibility and adaptation to evolving requirements, and Terrestris excelled at meeting those needs.

Since its inception, the Irregular Warfare Center – Ridge Runner (IWC-RR) has been at the forefront of providing immersive training experiences. By incorporating Special Operations Forces (SOF) elements, Conventional Forces (CF), Allies, Partner Nations (PN) SOF, Territorial Defense Forces (TDF), and other U.S. organizations, fused with Contractor support, IWC-RR ensures participants are challenged with realistic scenarios mirroring theater irregular warfare operations.

Terrestris, in collaboration with Human Domain Solutions (HDS), supplied experienced diplomats from U.S. Embassy Country Teams, senior Intelligence Officers, and a diverse range of Specialty, OPFOR and,  guerrilla role players. This support creates an environment where participants are tested with real-world situations, vital for validating mission essential tasks prior to deployment.

“The Ridge Runner IWX 24-01 Role Player Support contract signifies our commitment to enhancing the readiness of our nation’s Special Operations Forces,” stated Lucas Berg, President of Terrestris. “We are privileged to play a role in providing the necessary realism and challenge to ensure our forces are prepared for the rigors of irregular warfare.”

Under the terms of the contract, our team has managed all aspects of contractor support, ensuring the provision of skilled role players and necessary resources without government supervision or control. Terrestris’ approach has guaranteed the delivery of a vital and realistic element to the WVNG Ridge Runner IWX 24-01 Event, crucial for the success of the exercise.

About Terrestris:

Terrestris is a leading provider of specialized support services, committed to delivering innovative solutions for complex challenges. With a focus on enhancing readiness and capabilities, Terrestris collaborates with government agencies and organizations to ensure the success of critical missions.

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